What will it cost for you to evaluate our company's electrical system?
Nothing! We will conduct a Free Walkthrough of your facility to assess your needs.

What technology do you use to lower costs for electricity?
Our technology improves the electrical efficiency of your motor-driven equipment, from air-conditioning to heating to refrigeration and lighting.Our Electricity Management Unit connects to and interfaces with your Circuit Breaker Panel Box.

In what types of businesses have you installed your Electricity Management Unit?
Our products have universal applications. We have brought electricity cost savings approaches to a diverse assortment of businesses and industries. Our Electricity Management Unit is in restaurants, auto dealerships, hotels, factories, government buildings, warehouses, dry cleaners, and numerous commercial buildings. The wonderful thing about electricity is that it behaves the same regardless of industry. What is important is that we conduct the Free Walkthrough of your individual environment, analyze your operating conditions, and design an approach that best suits your needs.


How do you prove that your product actually saves money?

After installation of our Electricity Management Unit, we compare 3 months of your electric bills with your previous usage. We estimate that your monthly electric costs will drop by an average of 12%. Some clients have reported reductions of 25%.


We already have energy saving technologies in use at our business: can we still experience electricity cost savings if we install your product?

Absolutely. Just as there are many ways to weather proof your home (insulation, weather stripping, energy efficient windows) technology is coming up with more ways to conserve on electricity, such as wind power. By connecting to your Circuit Breaker Panel Box, our Electricity Management Unit is another way to save.


How are we different from other electricity cost saving companies?
We install a guaranteed electricity savings device, and we will refund your money within the first three months without hesitation; we take a system-wide approach when we analyze your electrical distribution system; we can maximize your savings while minimizing your expenses for electricity; and you will not have to maintain our device, nor will you need any any training on how to use it and we guarantee your satisfaction.


What are the lifecycle costs for this system?

After installation, there are no additional costs; our Electricity Management Device requires no maintenance or upkeep.




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