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DOE Report Encouraging Homeowners to Invest in Energy Efficiency Improvements


Our Electricity Management Unit (EMU) improves your Power Factor (PF) to reduce electric bills and enhance your electrical system's capacity. A U.S. Department of Energy Fact Sheet reports that a low PF is "expensive and inefficient." The report also states that you can "improve your PF and reduce your electric bills, enhance your electrical system's overall capacity." Our Electricity Management Units are specifically designed to improve Power Factor in homes and businesses.

Our Mission

Energy Link Technologies promotes energy efficiency for a cleaner environment, a more prosperous economy, and a higher quality of life. Our mission is to create an energy-efficient world whereby energy efficiency becomes the keystone for building a healthy economy, a cleaner environment.

We promote energy efficiency to increase electric reliability.

We empower consumers through education on the benefits of energy efficiency, including energy savings and promote the development of a vibrant energy services industry throughout the United States, and growing markets for energy efficient products


Our Team 

Samuel Bowman
Commercial Energy Conservation Specialist

Cleve Bryant, Jr.
Electrical Conservation Specialist

Bea Carey
Commercial Energy Conservation Specialist

Andy Mahoney
Electrical Systems Analyst








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